I believe that Yoga is more than just exercise; it uses whats always right here – our body and breath to create a living experience of the power which flows through us as life itself. I am Shanti Meera and I am a yoga teacher, IYTA* trained with 10 years teaching experience.

I love helping humans from all walks of life experience the inherent joy and wonder of being, through the the time tested practises of Yoga.

My own yoga practise has spanned 20 years and it has been a saving grace, physically and mentally many times over. Introduced to the practices by my Mother, yoga provided me with tools to manage my own highly anxious nature, and replace negative habits with a gentle mindful presence.

 I was blessed with an opportunity to spend 5 years living and working at a meditation centre in New Zealand. Mediation lies at the heart of  yogic philosophy and my practise here instilled in me an unshakable inner balance.

I have an insistent calling to understand deeply this world we are immersed in. It is my life passion to journey into the heart of life and to inspire others along the way, in whatever ways I can. My classes provide a safe space to explore the deep fusion of body mind and soul. All are welcome; the curious, inspired or soul hungry dreamers looking for direction; Yet also the tired, anxious, or unwell looking for support. This practise, when approached with sensitivity, is for everyone!

As a teacher I am also always learning, not aligned with any one linage , I am a strong believer in ‘finding what works for you’. Yoga is about unity and although there are many techniques and paths they all lead up the same mountain. Join me, sharing the peace and light of a deeper understanding of truth and a passionate love of life.

Summer Schedule 2019   Feb 2nd – April 12th ,
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The best way to book in is for a term block.
The more you commit to the practise, the more chance it has to take root in your life.

Full term bookings: $168 for 10 classses in 10 weeks, under $17 per 1.5 hour class.
1/2 term 5 classes in 5 weeks $88-   Casual Visit: $24 per class

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