January 2018 Limited timetable

Living Matters Elemental Yoga and the layers of Being

Wednesdays 3rd-31st January 2018  Village Court Camden

Early session 5.30-7pm,         Late Session 7.30-9pm

If you want to create harmony in your life, it helps to understand the building blocks of nature. Each week we will work with an element, (earth, water, fire, air and space) and look at how it relates to the yogic philosophy of the koshas (layers of being). Combining relaxation, movement, breathing and meditation to explore the elements within and how they can assist you to expereince and access these different layers of self. 

 Classes will be accesable to all offering different levels of practises offered to suit individual needs from beginners to advanced students. Working with specific Asana (postures) , Mudra (gestures) , Pranayama (breathing) and Mantras (thoughts & sound), we will work to harmonise the sublte energies and create internal balance of body mind and soul.


10 Classes/10 Weeks – $155

5 Classes/5 Weeks – $85
Unlimited classes/4 weeks – $150

Casual Visit – $24

Private Sessions by appointment – $75/hr – $95/1.5 hr

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* Mindful movement classes are suitable for beginners suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. We focus on moving with awareness at a pace we can tune in feel and respond to the bodys natural intelligence.
* Gentle Goddess classes are a slower paced class for women. Suitable for a prenatal practise, recovering from injury, anyone looking for a female only class and all women looking to slow down and work on the more subtle aspects of the practise.
* Yoga Open classes will run according to interest, capacity and energy levels of whoever shows up on the day. Anything can happen and probably will.
* Private Sessions : if looking to take your practise to the next level, unsure where to begin or can’t find the right class for your schedule consider booking in for a private session. working with an individual or a small group we can taylor the practise more specifically to your needs and interests. 1 hour $75, 1.5 hours $95. Discounts for bulk booking.