Summer Schedule 2019   Feb 2nd – April 12th ,
Class listings, locations and booking links

The best way to book in is for a term block.
The more you commit to the practise, the more chance it has to take root in your life.

Full term bookings: $168 for 10 classses in 10 weeks, under $17 per 1.5 hour class.
1/2 term 5 classes in 5 weeks $88-   Casual Visit: $24 per class

               Make a Commitment to yourself

SLOW & STEADY classes are an all access slow paced class suitable for beginners, prenatal practioners, anyone  suffering from illness or infirmity, and those who want to relax as a priority in their prctise.  Tuesday 5.30-7pm

MINDFUL MOVMENT classes are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. We focus on moving with awareness at a pace we can tune in feel and respond to the bodys natural intelligence.
Tuesday 7.30-9pm, Wed 5,30-7pm, Fri 9.30-11am, Sat 8.30-10am

VINYASA FLOW Classes are suitable for expereinced students, classes will be faster paced working with the breath while building strength and stamina within a safe and sustainable practise. navigating challenges physically, mentally & emotionally. Wed 7.30-9pm


Living The life you want

Do you feel like time is always rushing by? Are you tired of making the same resolutions with little results ? Are you ready to connect and commit to living on point, all day every day?

This term we will focus on intention the yogic concept of Sankalpa and how we can best employ our totality to acheiving the things that matter most to us in this life. Using simple and accessable practises we will work at resetting our inner compass in the right direction, including:

  • Movement (asana) , breath (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation practises to free depleting energy patterns
  • Practising feeling, moving, breathing and living from your own centre.
  • Discovering and refining your life intentions (Yogic sankalpa).
  • Awakening latent superpowers to supercharge your focus.

Book here : Living life  on Purpose
February 2nd –  April 12th