What is Yoga?
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Yoga is the ancient science of self-discovery...
Through focusing our awareness in our body and breath we become more present to our moment to moment experience.
The whole of existence is interconnected, everything in the universe is pure energy, vibrating and pulsing at various frequencies.
In our yoga practice we learn to tune in to this deeper connection with all that is, experiencing a deep sense of inner peace.
When we feel connected to life we can relax, we don't need to struggle against anything.
When we learn to relax and let go, our energy is free for living and enjoyng life.
Our body is our vehicle to live in this world, by gently exploring our limits we learn to live and move with more ease and efficiency.
Every part of the body is embedded with consciousness, our cells store memories that our minds may not be aware of.
By learning to listen to our body the effects of our practice ripple through the whole body, mind and emotional systems.
Through harmonizing our intentions of mind, body, and spirit we can focus our personal power more effectively into acheiving our true desires.
With the power of our attention we create space for healing to take place.
The art of Yoga is not about the goal, it is about learning to be present for the process and enjoying the moment.
Rather than obsessing on where you think you should be in a posture, focus your attention on the subtle feelings of working at your comfortable limit.
It is not about acheiving the perfect posture, it's about learning how to live more fully, moving in the world with ease and joy.
Yoga was developed firstly as a system to discover our true nature; it is an inner science of self-discovery.
It doesn't matter what draws you to your practice the benefits will affect every aspect of your life.
Your Yoga practice is your own experience and the best way to truly learn for yourself is by doing it.
Blessing of Peace
Aum Shanti
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