So here I am in India again, the motherland of Yoga, and What on earth am I doing here?

You may have heard me refer to my travels as a ‘holiday’, the term though is little misleading for what I actually intend. You probably know by now that intention matters in yoga (and in life), as do the words we use. I want to assure you this isn’t an escape from my wonderful job of teaching yoga, it’s a tool to sharpen and deepen my own experiences to be better equipped to share them.

I’m not here to sit on the beach and read novels, (though I wont swear there’ll be none of that). I come here for in-depth access to international teachers at an affordable price, and for that rare commodity time. Time to clarify and refocus my own practice, intentions and communications. I come here because I’m called to explore more deeply the possibilities yoga affords without all the distractions of daily life. I come to step out of my comfort zones and see where I might find opportunities to grow.

Yoga is not a quick-fix, while there is so much I have gained through my practice I feel that there is still so much more potential on offer. I feel it because I’ve seen glimpses, of a larger life that calls for my attention, my focus, my heart. I’m here to answer that call, to look more deeply into these practices, to navigate the depths of my own self in the context of an expanded world experience.

So why did I want to tell you all this? Because I want you to know I don’t take this time off lightly. Because I’ve experienced the pain of feeling abandoned by yoga teachers I felt my peace of mind depended on, (& the joy of learning it didn’t). I want to make sure you don’t give up on yourself and your own practice because I’m not there to facilitate it. And lastly I just wanted to stay in touch, one of my travel projects is to develop my online skills so here we are!

Its so easy in my everyday life to be overcome by the 10000 things that are calling from every direction, it’s a strange paradox that stepping out into a broader world helps me to narrow my focus on what really matters. The last thing I want to add is Im here to learn to lead by example, to listen to life’s call wherever it may lead us. To trust in the wonder of living and loving moment to moment as it is. Thank you for your precious time, attention, practise and presence in my life. xo