Aum Unlimited have been sharing yoga locally for around 8 years. Taking a holistic approach all classes consist of relaxation, breath work, stretching, strengtheing, moving, and meditation. Classes are designed to create a harmony and balance physically emotionally and mentally. 

You don’t have to be flexible already! Yoga is for mobility, strength and balance, of body mind and spirit. Classes are a safe space where all are welcome, beginners and advanced, women and men, old and young.

 mindful movement classes are a good place for beginners to start, we move more slowly and work at developing the meditative awareness of yoga. All classes can be adapted to suit your individual needs and we can design private sessions catered specifically to special needs and interests.

For more information, please contact Shanti on 0409 49 49 77, Fill out the Contact Us page or Like our Facebook page

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10 week Term starts July 24th

Are you too tired, busy, or anxious to fit the things you Love into your day to day living? This is a growing reality for many just keeping up with the demands of everyday life. We all have been given a body and 24 hours a day to spend, does it ever feel like enough? 

Over come inertia, resistance and fatigue with a guided course to re-align your relationship with Energy. What exactly is Energy? How do I get more of it? Term 3 we will investigate this precious currency of living through the focal points of the Chakra system.