Forget about the linear approach I’m going take a spiral in towards our subject of chakras, Which seems only fitting for these spinning focal points of Yogic energy physiology. Let’s investigate here together the nature of energy, and how we can embody it more efficiently.

Lets start even further back though because in order to learn something new we have to step out of what we think we already know. The mind is the ultimate trickster and will tie you up in knots if you let it.

it’s time to cultivate our relationships with reality, not as we think it is, but as we live and breath!
You are not what you think.

We’ll start with the Breath, We can all agree thats real right? 
It’s right here, it’s happening now,
It’s your primary energy source and without it you’d be dead, literally. 
You can try it right now, take a deep breath, feel the life that is here, enjoy it, take another. 
Life can be complicated but it doesn’t always have to be!

Learning to pay attention to the subtleties of your breath, develops an ability for inwardness. A deep awareness of whats happening inside, opposed to being constantly distracted and drawn out into the drama of the world around you. Breath awareness anchors you in the present. It improves the ability to self-regulate energy efficiency. Just being aware of breathing teaches you to breathe better. Your body has an inherent intelligence, the intelligence of life itself, it flows with the  breath.

A good breath energises the body,
nourishes your internal organs,
soothes the nervous system
and calms the mind.

Being aware of the breath helps you learn patience, you can’t rush it, you can’t force the river or stretch the seed before it’s ready. It takes the time it takes, stick at it. 

Yes we’ve looked at it before but to master any skill it takes a lifetime of practise, your breathing anyway why not do it well?

Names colours and symbols of the 8 major chakras 

                                                 Names Colours and symbols of the 8 major chakras

You are so much more than a collection of thoughts or a brain housed in a body.
You my friend are a living breathing miracle.

We’ve all been brought up with the Idea of a coherent, stable, solid sense of self that lives contained within the boundaries of our skin. But the deeper I look, the more profound the mystery of who or what I am becomes. 
When we believe (remember Be alive in) The Idea that our self is seperate from the world around us, it can create a deep sense of loneliness. 
This Belief, requires us to act accordingly in our relationships to the world around us, it encourages us to turn away from the community of interconnectedness that is already here. In each breath that we share with all living creates, with the elements of earth, fire, air and water that are the building blocks of our physical reality here. 
We are never truely alone, we are interconnected in so many ways we might never fully comprehend. The mysteries of the universe are so vast that even scientists who dedicate their whole life to study it are constantly confounded.
It doesn’t make sense to cling to our small and limited Ideas of who and what and how we are. The mind can be a useful tool for operating in this world but if its your only way of experiencing life, it’s very easy to get stuck. If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. 
It’s time to step beyond the mind and explore different ways of knowing and being.
Our framework for this inward exploration will be the chakra system. 


                                            Names Colours and symbols of the 8 major chakras

Now as soon I say the word chakras I hear internal alarms of the Gods of reason start to sound. 
They say, Thats not real, thats not worthy of my attention. 

It’s true the chakras are not a physical phenomena, but neither can you grab a hold of Energy, however we all know what it is right? Or at least we know what it feels like or the lack of it.

I don’t really think it matters if you believe in chakras, but can you suspend your disbelief?
Anyone who’s looked deeply into molecular or quantum sciences knows the world is not nearly so solid or certain as we tend to think.

A lot of modern research is pointing towards the truths that have been presented in ancient yogic, buddhist and other spiritual traditions. These ancient masters discovered these things deep inside themselves and left a blueprint for the way they got there.

It’s not about believing its about suspending disbelief, to look and discover for yourself where the map leads. Admitting that theres so much we don’t know, helps us to be open and willing to learn. It’s about opening your mind and exercising it’s inherent powers.

One of those powers is imagination; the power to envision to call forth, energy, wellness, healing, whatever it is your wold needs right now is a super power. The more I understand this from experience the more I loathe the sentiment, “it’s just imaginary”.

Your imagination and your mind are powerful assets on the path and unless you learn to exercise them wisely they like any skill will deteriorate. It’s no error that children learn through play, through pretend, through imagination; we can too.

Are Chakras Real? truthfully I don’t really know, are they useful you bet.


Often described as energy wheels, I like the term vortices more. it conveys more of a multi-demsional nature. 

They correspond with certain physical areas, aspects of human potential, elements, nerve plexuses and endocrine functions. They could be seen as the intersections points of our personal energy circuitry, through which the web-of life flows. They are portals or frames through which we can experience different aspects of ourselves. 

We will be using them as elemental exploration points were we can negotiate inner conversations with the mutuality of existence! Sounds wild right? It just might be.

Most of the Yoga poses are named after some natural phenomena, a child (childs pose), a plank, a tree, a cobra or even a triangle. We utilise our imaginations to go beyond what we think we are and play with our deep interconnectedness. This connection is inherent to your existence, it’s not something you have to make it’s something we need to remember.

Can you open your mind and step into the wonder of your imagination? Let’s Stretch, strengthen and hone the skill of body, breath and mind. Let’s step beyond this small experience of a seperate self into a deeper truth of quantum proportions that we are all connected in the web of universal energy! 
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