“Reality” Ugh,  does anyone even know what that means anymore? 

I have always had a Strong desire to know the Truth, And I have spent a lot of time looking for it. I have never been a natural believer, always wanting to understand and experience everything for myself. But in an age where even the king of rationality, “science” has trouble defining exactly what is real, I’m not sure I can believe in an objective all encompassing truth. 

Perhaps we don’t need more answers only better questions. Lets add to our collection…..What is life? What is energy? What am I? What is consciousness? What is charge? Think for a moment.I’m not going to attempt to answer these, I want you to use them to awaken your own natural curiosity of the mysteries of living. 

Chakras are a part of the esoteric energy physiology from the inner science of Yoga. Yoga is an invitation to explore and experience the truth of yourself for yourself, using the body and the breath as your laboratory. Yet the danger in turning inwards is it’s so easy become lost, in the twists and turns of our own minds and repeated energy patterns. 

The chakras are a useful tool for navigating these inner energy fields. They are a mapping of human energy patterns, laid down by those who have passed this way before. Is the map the landscape? of course not? is it useful? you bet! 

I prefer the Idea of Chakras as prescriptive rather than descriptive. Tools we can employ to understand the movement and management of life force. Externally verifiable truths are not so helpful with these deep inner realms, Here the minds powerhouse of imagination can be a potent force to be harnessed. Stepping beyond the realm of the known we can better access these portals of potentiality. The Chakras provide a framework for the interplay of body and mind, of matter and Magic

Working with the Chakras helps you understand yourself better.  Why you sometimes feel too much energy; like somethings going to blow, or too little; like you just can’t go on.  

Within these centres you can explore answers to problematic energy patterns within your own system. Why do I get these headaches? Why can’t I fall asleep? Why does my stomach feel like a big knot? Why is my heart racing? Why am I depressed, or anxious, or so angry? 

Every time I come back to this focus, the learnings go a little deeper and also a little broader. It’s important to remember it’s not about real or unreal, it’s not about right or wrong, its about being open to sense and discover for ourselves the multidimensional magic of living. 

Energy is about flow and as soon as you try to turn it into something solid you can capture forever, you’ve lost it. Energy is life, and you can’t keep it in a cage, it’s power and it’s beauty comes from it’s fluid changing state.
Is understanding the map the same as climbing the mountain? you know it’s not. No one can do it for you, you have to dive in and find your inner richness for yourself. Join us for this 10 week inner Exploration and discover your own truth! 

Over our 10 weeks yoga term you will discover how the chakra system can help you:

1) Tune into the energy of life as it arises and moves in you.
2) Charge and balance your energy body.
3) Recognise and rebalance areas of access and lack.
4) Explore how energy affects the nervous system and how to move from a stress response to a relaxation response. 
4) Experience different states of being, through the 7 major energy centres.
5) Use energy convergence points to gather and unite divergent aspects and experiences into an integrated whole. 

Embodied Energy
10 Week Term 20th July-27th September

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