Relentless demands on time and attention, are leaving many people struggling to keep sight of the bigger picture. When the tides of life sweep you off your feet, it’s good to know how to tread water. However it’s not a sustainable longterm option, You need to find your feet before you start swallowing water. Where to start? start here, but most importantly start Now!

I believe that the crises we are facing (ecological, sociological, etc. ) root from a collective experience of a deeply personal crisis, the condition of disconnection. Forging deeper relationships with our bodies, with ourselves and with each other can provide you with solid anchors for turbulent times.

Its easy to say, “You are nature, You are the world, You Matter!”; But words alone change nothing. The task of experiencing the truth behind these words is much harder, but equally more rewarding. 

The mental ability to seperate, segregate and divide your world into smaller bits seems to make life easier to digest. Life/work, Body/mind, spiritual/material are common examples of the way we name and divide our experiences. But these are more words and concepts, unless you question these ideas from within, you’ll miss the wholeness you already are! You are a divinely inspired, living breathing miracle of evolution.

The mind is a tricky medium to navigate, it’s easy to become lost in its self-repeating patterns. In yoga we use the body and the breath to anchor the mind in THIS moment. The only moment you can change anything, the only moment you can feel anything, the only moment you truely have. Your body is here always, learning to anchor your awareness through the medium of the body and breath teaches you presence.

Your mind will tell you, “it’s not worth it, it’s too late, it won’t work, it didn’t work, don’t bother.” Don’t listen. Come back to the feeling of your body and this breath, a thousand times, ten thousand times, come come again.

Your time is Now. All good stories contain times when all seems lost, and then 1 person stands up for what is good, right, or simply what they know to be true. Tides turn and the world changes just like that. You are the hero of your story and your world. Be brave, be bold, make mistakes, learn grow, Love your life! 

I do believe that there is a divine plan in the seeming chaotic times we find ourselves enmeshed in, and I also believe if your here you have a part to play. Mine is Sharing the peace I’ve found through yoga, What’s yours? 

Explore these themes in our new Yoga term “As I live and Breath. ”
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