The most important thing is to find out what the most important thing is.
There I said it, thats all you need to know. Yet in The world of ten thousand things, how hard is it to focus in on any one?

Finding the most important thing is not something anyone else can do for us, perhaps by sharing our stories and our hearts, we can help each other in finding at least the right direction.

In our modern digital culture, the connections of social media, and the endless web of the internet, the opportunity for distraction are ever increasing.

But even before all of this our own minds are true masters in the art of distraction, of throwing ten thousand thoughts up to cloud the heart of the matter. The mind wants at least half of those ten thousand things and will happily spend the rest of eternity trying to work out how to get them.  And even our achievements offer little respite from the deep well of wanting, our mind skips to the next thing it want’s so quickly.

The heart however in my experience has a little more magnitude. We all know the best things aren’t things, The best things are living, feeling, breathing, being, LOVING. When I am willing to surrender the minds need to manipulate and control reality into what I think it should be, what I think I should have or want, surprise surprise all these things that matter to the heart were here all along.

It takes courage to remain in the heart in a world that tells us we can’t afford to, but when I really touch that presence I know I can’t afford not to.

I don’t need a better car, job, lover, or hairstyle, I just need to learn how to feel and live life directly from the heart. I don’t need your approval, likes or attention, (as lovely as they are!) I need to learn to focus my intention and energy into the heart of my own matter; physical, metaphysical and beyond into the beating heart of life itself.

So forgive me if I don’t seem interested to have the most, to be the best or most popular. The sips I’ve taken from the hearts cup have already made me love drunk, and that sweet simple joyfulness of an alive heart is more important to me than anything in this world that can be bought or sold.

The world tells us we need to fight fire with fire, but we all know if you want to put out a fire you use water. When I indulge the minds capacity for endless wanting it feels a lot like burning.  This fire can only be tempered by the cool calming presence of my own Compassionate heart.


Featured image :”Life Isn’t Tragic” by Arturo Vega.