What would you do if you believed you could do anything? What is it that would be worth doing with your life, regardless of success or failure? What is it that stops you in your quest for what you really want? Why is it despite our best intentions change is so very hard to come by?

More often than not, a near constant state of distraction with a host of subconscious self-sabotaging habits and beliefs, make the way we commonly approach Intentions & resolutions a recipe for failure. So how can we do better?

Where attention goes energy flows. Energy is the currency of living, if you want to create change look at where are you spending your energy and how you can redirect it into the things that matter to you.

In yoga the practise of manifesting happens through Sankalpa, heres the wiki definition:

“Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will. In practical terms a Sankalpa means a one-pointed resolve to focus both psychologically and philosophically on a specific goal. A sankalpa is a tool meant to harness the will, and to focus and harmonize mind and body.”



Sankalpa takes the form of a short phrase or sentence, clearly and concisely expressed, using the same wording each time, to bring about a positive change in one’s life. It awakens willpower, uniting the conscious awareness with the unconscious forces lying dormant. It works with the seed structure of intelligence, around which time, space, and matter consolidate into a manifested event.

A sankalpa has the potential to release tremendous power by clearly defining and focusing on a chosen goal. The secret lies in combining heart and mind, just one is not enough. Developing your Sankalpa is a delicate process, don’t rush it. Be patient with yourself and what arises for you in the process. Heres my breakdown of what you need to do:

 5 step process for developing your Sankalpa

  ~ Take 15-20 minutes to work through the stages giving them 2-5 minutes each.

1) Preparing the ground of being – Relax the body, clear away the chatter of the mind. Release physical tensions and mental beliefs about who you are and what you ‘should’ want.


2) Feel the space inside the heart. Place your mind inside your heart space and spend time here curious, kind & attentive, creating inner space to plant the seeds of change. Listen to, and breathe into the heart. Cultivate sensitivity here, make friends with your heart.


3) Ask the question, ‘if my heart could have anything what does it want?’ Feel the depths of wanting without rushing to fill it. Stir the pot of longing, allow words Ideas and images to bubble through the wanting slowly.  Don’t over think it, keep coming back to the purity of the hearts desire.


4) When you are ready find short concise, yet flexible terminology to express your heartfelt longing as a positive affirmation of fact. Go deep, and aim for the feeling you are looking for or the qualities you want to cultivate, instead of focusing on what you don’t want.


5) Believe that you can have what you want, that you deserve to have it, and that on some level you already have it. Once you have your statement repeat it internally for yourself without doubts or hesitation. Give yourself some time to experience what that feels like, allowing whatever arises to be processed.


6) Trust in life. You don’t need to obsess over the details or timeline. Tune back into the magic of the heart whenever you remember, feel and listen.  Don’t overthink how to make it happen stay open listening for call of the heart, and act wholeheartedly when the time is right.


Intentionality a 10 week investigation into living your best life


Last term we looked into how The Yoga Sutras inspire our practise as a tool to focus the mind. This term I want to talk about how to use that capacity to focus & direct our life energy to life more purposefully. Over the 10 weeks we will explore the theme of intentionality through many different practices including

  • Movement (asana) , breath (pranayama) and practises to free depleting energy patterns
  •  Deep relaxation and meditation (yoga Nidra) to release unconscious, self sabotaging habits
  • Practising feeling, moving, breathing and living from your own centre.
  • Discovering and refining your life intentions (Yogic sankalpa).
  • Awakening latent powers to supercharge your focus.

The theme for this term began as a seed way back last year when we worked with the chakra System. The heart is our largest electro magnetic generator and great power is generated here. Love is what infuses life with magic and wonder. With a focused mind centred in your living beating heart, there is nothing that you can not achieve, if you really want it.

Book here : Living life  on Purpose
February 2nd –  April 12th

“You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny”

~ Upanishads