Yoga To Blow Your Own Mind!

namasteIt is said Yoga is 99% practise and 1% theory, the idea is doing it is way more powerful than thinking about it. However to be successful in your practise it’s helpful to know at least what Yoga is, this understanding is no small matter.

Hint, its not just stretchy folks, stretchy tights and instagram!

The Yoga sutras say ‘Yoga is the cessation on the fluctuations of the mind’.

The what now? The quieting of the chatter in your head. The calming of the waves of highs and lows or at the very least learning to ride them.

Current mental health stats in Australia are on the rise, at least 1 in 5 adults will experience some form of mental health issue each year. Our minds have become so cluttered and cloudy, the idea of clearing and calming to many, seems an impossible endeavour.

I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s easy. But it is easier than living with a constantly disturbed mental state.

Modern stress is not so much physical, (lions/ mammoths) as mind based, (money/ future). The more stressed we get the less clearly we think, and life becomes more chaotic, more stressful! You can break this loop with a regular yoga practise. Grounding your mind in the moment, through awareness of your body and breath.

The physical practise matters, but understand is it’s not what you do, so much as how you do it that makes the difference. Your success will not be measured by the perfection of any particular pose, the real success is steadiness of mind built through the repeated practise of skill in action.

While your busy practising reaching, folding, stepping and moving consciously, your training your mind to be present to the ever-changing details of your life moment to moment. Most of our minds have been habituated with negative, anxious and self destructive patterns of thinking. Distracting the mind from familiar and unhelpful paths and building new patterns takes focus, patience and time.

All those objections your mind throws at you about why you don’t need to practise today, and how you don’t have time, realising these as self defeating traps is all part of the practise. Making the choice to step onto your mat, and into the moment is a decision that takes commitment and courage every time. But you are so very worth it!

I have only had very brief encounters with complete stillness of mind. These brief but extremely blissful windows are beautiful experiences but not necessarily realistic to maintain within a day to day functionality.

What I have experienced much more thoroughly as I approach 20 years of practise is steadiness of mind. The ability to dis-identify from the content of mind and to interrupt and redirect negative patterns. The more I practise the more easily I recognise and can re-direct energy from negative paths into achieving my true desires. Like sharing this Awesome practise with you!

Over the 10 weeks of this term:

  • I will be offering practical principles of Asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) that you can use to learn to focus the mind.
  • We will draw on the wisdom of the ancient yoga texts to help you understand and experience the connection between your body breath and mind.
  • We will practise short meditations to explore expanded states of consciousness and you might just discover how a regular yoga  practise can Blow your own mind.

All of the classes on my schedule for the last term of 2018 will work with this theme over the 10 weeks

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