The secret of yoga happens to also be the secret of living. And Truth be told it’s not really all that secret, everybody knows about it, but it’s value is most often overlooked, even in the yoga world.

The secret of Living, is Breathing. Yoga without breath awareness is missing it’s most vital life-giving component.¬†Breath is our primary energy source, how can we expect to live well if we are not breathing well?

If you’re breathing you can do yoga! As long as you are alive, breath is always happening in the moment. Anchoring your awareness to the constant flux of life forces within gives you instant access to the presence and power of your life, here and now



This solution is far to simple for most of us, we try it for a bit, think we’ve got it and go on searching for the next thing. Most of us can’t maintain a steady awareness of the breath for a full 2 minutes, little own a full class. If we want this powerhouse of practise to change our lives it is a simple tool available all day everyday.

The trick to working with the breath is awareness. Trying to force yourself to breath deeper or more often is a bit like trying to force open a flower bud. Great breathing involves learning to allow greater ease and efficiency in the process. There is no 1 size fits all solution; you need to learn to feel, listen and respond to your own breath, within your own body, each moment. And this is what your yoga practise is really all about.

This coming term we will focus on Pranayama. Prana means ‘life force” and Yama means “restraint” . We practise different restraints of our life-force to learn how to to un-restrain and redirect it.

Each class we will practise:

~Observation and allowing of the natural breath.
~Moving combined with breathe unifying body & mind in a single action.
~ accessing and awakening full biomechanics for efficient breathing.
~ Unlearning bad habits and releasing tensions that inhibit the natural breath
~Using asana (postures) to access the breath rather than the other way round.
~Specific pranayama techniques to cultivate and explore certain energies within the body/mind complex.


Term 2 Living well, Breathing Well.
27th April- 5th July
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