Part 2,  Component capacities to create change.

So many people these days live with an edge of constant exhaustion. Busy lives, and increasing demands on time and attention make it harder to find time to find any focus or clarity or meaning in our day to day lives.

“You know the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest?
The antidote to exhaustion is whole heartedness. ”
~ David Whyte poet, Quoting Brother David Stendhal-Rast

The cure for exhaustion is not always rest, it’s Wholeheartedness. If you want full access to your all of your human energy capacity, tune in and awaken the power of the the heart. It’s easy to grow cynical of the hallmark heart idea we have been sold, but here lies your energy super-charger.  We have numbed ourselves to it’s powerful presence of the heart, but if you really want to change your life and feel more alive, nothing is more powerful than passionate wholehearted living.

Previously in The Anatomy of Energy In part 1 I introduced the  the scientific definition of Energy as the ‘capacity for change’.  Here I’m going to outline my personal reflection in how first four Chakras contribute to the conversion of matter into more refined forms of energy, creating change from the inside out.



Your base chakra Muladhara can be thought of as our Mass principle. Commonly known as the Root Chakra this centre represents the earth element, Your physical matter. Your physical body is your only means of action and interaction within the physical world. In yoga they talk about Kundalini being stored here, like a coiled snake. In physics they talk potential energy stored in all mass, now how can we unlock all that potential energy?





The Second Chakra Svadhisthana can represent our Motion principle. Commonly referred to as the Sacral Chakra, this centre governs the fluid elements, your flow, both bodily and emotionally. The flow/movement of breath is the first essential principle for life, your blood and heart beat a pretty close second.  The act or process of movement begins transforming your mass potential into a living breathing energy field. In science Motion is the no 1 way of realising potential energy.  Your body was made to move, regular exercise is important for health, energy and momentum.



Manipura symbol

Lets look at the third Chakra Manipura as the velocity principle. This Chakra is often referred to as the solar plexus, it represents the element of fire and the inner alchemy of metabolising food and oxygen into power. In yogic systems this Chakra is where your personal will manifests, directing your personal power into fulfilment of wants. What good is energy if you don’t have a way to direct it? Science say Velocity is measured by the change in position (generated by your mass in motion) in a given direction over time. This third centre is where we begin to actualise the direction and form of change we are aiming for.



Ahahata Symbol

The fourth Chakra Anahata will represent your electromagnetic field; managing homeostasis, energy conservation & efficiency. Anahata is the bridge connecting the lower & upper 3 centres in the 7 chakra system.  The heart has an electromagnetic field 60 times that of the brain and is known as the emotional centre of the body. The word emotion comes from the concept of ‘Energy in motion’, and surely you have experience that stirred up feeling strong emotions can create.

The law of energy conservation states that energy can not be created or destroyed only transformed. The heart is where we transform the very physical energies of the first three charkras into the more metaphysical energies of the upper 3 centres.  It’s where we asses the efficiency of the time and effort put in compared to the results gained. And it’s where we re-asses the wilful direction of the third chakra and refine it with the power of the hearts desire.

Yes the poets and the Dreamers, are right, The heart is where it’s at. This power of the awake heart is the most under-utilised natural resource we all have direct access to. In yoga this concept is Sankalpa, ‘The power of wish fulfilling’. A Sankalpa is the resolve, determination and good intention that resonates precisely in this core of your being. This self-centred motivation acts as a magnetising force to awaken your whole system in the most efficient way to achieve your truest desires.


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