How can you find time amidst the
ongoing demands of everyday living?


The pace, pressures and chaos of our modern day living can seem to be a never-ending treadmill. Many people are struggling with stress, deadlines and uncertainties, only just managing the ongoing complexities each day brings.

Busy has become a competitive sport with no winners. I understand what you mean when you tell me you “Don’t have the time” , I know what that feels like; But I also know it’s not true, and it’s not helpful. Believing that you don’t have enough time is an uncomfortable position to hold. I believe this is contributing to our current mental health crisis, where so many people are suffering one or both:

1. Feeling overwhelmed and stuck, tending towards to depression
2. Inability to relax and let go, resulting in anxiety & insomnia

Sound familiar? We all have the same 24 hours available, where does it go? How can we step of the treadmill of chaotic survival and learn to manage our time and energy with greater efficiency?

I know when I tell you it’s a simple as breathing, you probably won’t believe me. But maybe thats because good Breathing, might not be as simple as you think.

Breathing, the most vital component of energy efficiency, is rarely taught and hardly anyone is getting it right. A dysfunctional breathing pattern might be messing up your sleep, mood, digestion, heart, nervous system, muscles, & brain. Yep pretty much everything!

The first thing you do when you are born is breathe & it will be the last thing you do before you die, in-between it’s your constant companion and a living reminder that the essence of life is change. Learning to traverse it’s ebb and flow with grace and presence can teach you everything you need to know about navigating the ever-changing tides of fortune.

If your breathing your alive and if your alive; You do have time!

When we believe we don’t have time there is a scarcity, fear based mindset thats running. When we know we do have time, it switches to an abundant, expansive mindset where life’s potentialities are welcoming you excitingly at every turn. I want you to experience this for yourself and learn how you can

~ Allow life to express through you without resistance and fear
~ Feel more at home in your body and in your world
~ Feel more in control of your energy in your life circumstances
~ Unlock the inherent intelligence of life from within yourself.

Yogi’s have been studying and practising the profound effects of breath on your subtle energy system for centuries. Though the science of Pranayama Yoga has practises to exercise your capacity for breathing, to energise your system quickly when needed, and to calm it down and chill all the way out when your ready.

If you would like to discover for yourself the intricacies of good breathing and efficient energised living please join me for the next 10 week term of yoga, where will will study the different techniques of pranayama (breath control) over a 10 week program of movement, meditation and relaxation. Developing a practise with breath as the foundation rather than an afterthought you will establish an intimacy with your body and your life force that will nourish your life in ways you never dreamed possible.

Your life will never be the same, you do have time, you just need to claim it!

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