Part 1; The Currency of Living

Energy, We’ve all heard the word and have a basic understanding of the concept. We all feel it’s lack sometimes, and look for ways to get a little more. But how do you define it? When was the last time you looked closely at your relationship to this currency of life?

The most basic Scientific definition is “The capacity to do work”, sounds a little bland right? Look a little deeper and you find it defined as  “The capacity to cause change”, that sounds much more interesting. Who wouldn’t be happy with a little more of that magic?

Energy is a property of space and time, it has no mass and can not be measured except in it’s relationship with matter. So how can we find a way to better understand Energy? How can we take the understandings of modern science and apply them to our internal experience in order to measure, channel and tap that potential?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  ― Nikola Tesla

Energy has no physical essence, it is always Carried by something, most commonly in the form of Movement. The chemical and biological processes of energy creation through respiration and metabolism are complex. They do not translate easily into an inner experience of life as it is experienced from the inside.

Yoga is the science of our inner realm and this ancient system offers a few ways of mapping the internal experience of Energy. In yoga Energy is called ‘Prana’, and Prana is life. This life force is largely generated (carried) by the movement of the breath; for humans no breath = no life. This energy flows through a system of subtle energy channels referred to as Nadi’s or in other ancient healing systems as meridians.

The Chakras the most widely recognised yogic energy system is also widely misunderstood, and too often dismissed as a lot of new age woo-woo. But we all know there’s more to being alive than skin and bones, right?

The word Chakra means wheel, They are often described as ‘energy vortices’, still pretty vague yes? The easiest way to understand them comes from the tantric system, as focal points for meditation, within the human body. These are visualised as discs or flowers in points where different Energy lines converge, based on the internal structure of experience, of emotional and spiritual energy.  The Chakra system is prescriptive not descriptive and it reflects the experience of mystics and meditators distilled over centuries of practise.

One of the favourite lessons I got from David Garrigues while studying in india earlier this year is that Yoga is not a thing set in concrete. Like any science in order to remain relevant it needs to be able to evolve. Rather than telling you what a chakra is, I want to guide you to experience for yourself these different gateways into a deeper relationship with your own living, breathing, feeling body.

Yes Yoga is an ancient system and yes the ancient texts and practises have much to teach us. But unless we learn to take these understandings and find the truth within our own body, what difference can they possibly make to our life?

Modern Science tells us energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only be conserved or converted. it is a scientific shorthand for balancing the books and Yoga is all about balance, And I’m not just talking about tree pose. It’s a balancing of mind body and spirit.

So how can we use these two world views modern and ancient, inner and outer to better understand our own energy flows and levels? How can we take the Time we have been given here and and focus our attention and effort in an efficient conversion to change our world and our life for there better?

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